Packing Details

We use only the highest quality materials to pack your personal goods, documentation, or fragile items.

2 satin sulfite paper, corrugated fiberboard or nylon bubble wraps, piece by piece, then packed in special fragile content boxes.

Packed with 2 soft paper wraps, 2 heavy corrugated fiberboard vertices/corncers reinforcement, then we take the measures and build the wood skeletons to better protection.

Wardrobe boxes with hanging rods are used, and special flat boxes for clothes that can be folded.

Packed in separate wooden crates, hanged on the top cover of the box, then filled with styrofoam pieces to avoid any vibration or exterior contact.

Packed in special boxes for books, usually smaller and reinforced to avoid any issue with their weight, and easy handling.

Usually it’s conveniente to use their original packaging, then our packers team packs them, but if you don’t have them, we can pack them with 2 soft paper wraps, 2 corrugated fiberboard and/or nylon bubble wrap,then finally packed within boxes reinforced with soft material in the base and corners of the box.

2 kraft papers wraps, 2 of heavy corrugated fiberboard, and reinforced corners.

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